Company History

A legacy of accomplishment.

Saúl Malca, founder of IMMOBILIARE, is revered as one of Panama’s pioneers and accomplished real estate development icons. Wearing that mantle of achievement did not come easy. Nearly 40 years ago, in 1974, he endeavored to build one of Panama’s first high-rise buildings. Beset with construction challenges, it was successfully completed in 1977. Today, the Torre Delta, formerly known as The Bank Boston Tower, still stands as a monument to Malca’s iron-willed determination and vision.

For the next generation, Malca and IMMOBILIARE continued to play a major part in constructing Panama’s unmistakable skyline. You’ll see the company’s legacy written throughout Panama on such developments as Edificio Crystal, Coastal Towers and Bahía Balboa. And now, with almost 20 impressive structures in its portfolio, IMMOBILIARE is, itself, a permanent part of Panama’s growing infrastructure.

Joseph Malca. Born to lead. Driven to succeed.

Joseph Malca efficiently runs the daily operations of IMMOBILIARE with a systematic knowledge that has been developed and nurtured throughout the years. This predecessor of the Malca throne balances his inherited modesty with the drive and ambition that today’s industry demands.

He is a prototypical aggressive visionary who knows how to bring his projects to life. Las Brisas de Amador is already underway and Joseph is now set to launch one of the most innovative residential communities ever developed in the region, Essenza in Costa del Este.

On photo – Via España 1968 Bank Boston Tower site before construction:

Take a look at our projects in Panama during these years: